KTH University, Beckmans, Färgfabriken – Teaching & Exhibiting XR at VR_Sci + Art Fest – Stockholm 2017

Mixed and Virtual Reality exhibition at Färgfabriken, in collaboration with VR_Sci+Art Fest, KTH University, Beckmans School of Design, and NTI College of Technology.

Many thanks to everyone who showed up, tried out VR / AR / MR / 360 interactive art and films, participated, discussed, listened, and all who supported us in various ways and made it all possible!

Extra thanks to Elena Malakhatka, Björn Norberg, Emilia Rosenqvist, Hannes Lidbeck, Marcus Karåker, Leo Låby, Mattias Viklund, Julius Häger, everyone at the Art Jam/Hackathon, MTG Technology, MTG Studios, Berghs School of Communication, Gustaf von Arbin and Visuell Kommunikation year 1 at Beckmans College of Design (2016-2019), NTI Gymnasiet Stockholm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KMH – Kungliga Musikhögskolan. This exhibition is part of The Educational VR /AR /MR Initiative. Video by Martin Söderblom.