KTH University, Färgfabriken | Exhibiting XR at VR_Sci+Art Fest, 2017

Many thanks to everyone who showed up, tried out VR /AR /MR /360 art and films, participated, discussed, listened, and all who supported us in various ways and made it all possible; Elena Malakhatka, Björn Norberg, Emilia Rosenqvist, Hannes Lidbeck, Marcus Karåker, Leo Låby, Mattias Viklund, Julius Häger, everyone at the Art Jam/Hackathon, MTG Technology, MTG Studios, Berghs School of Communication, Gustaf von Arbin and Visuell Kommunikation year 1 at Beckmans College of Design (2016-2019), NTI Gymnasiet Stockholm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KMH – Kungliga Musikhögskolan. This exhibition is part of The Educational VR /AR /MR Initiative. Video by Martin Söderblom.

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