Projection Mapping for the Museum of Science & Technology w/ BankerWessel, Stockholm

I had the Technical Director/Technical Artist role for; Game Portal (part of Play Beyond Play*), an exhibition about computer game history and gaming culture, at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm. Graphic design and animations are made by BankerWessel.

*Game Portal has been nominated for best exhibition of the year 2018, by Foreningen Forum (Sweden)!

– Crafted the whole projection mapping
– Design** of the exhibition space, together with BankerWessel
– Assisted in the animation process
– Assisted in the sound design process
– Selection of projectors, lenses and speakers, incl. positioning them, together with Transpond
– Assisted in project management

**I also built Virtual Reality versions of five exhibition space designs, to ease collaborative understanding and making consensual decisions.

This is a ten (10) projector, eight (8) speaker set up. A mix of short throw onto flat walls, and more regular throw onto three-dimensional objects.

Made with Ida Wessel, Jonas Banker and Sara Edström at BankerWessel – Design and Animation, Sebastian Flavet – Sound, Transpond – Hardware, Presentationsdesign – Video Capture, in collaboration with the National Museum of Science and Technology.

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