HTML / CSS, 1998

When 16 years old, I coded my first few web sites while attending a course on web development in secondary high school, during 1998. Unfortunately I don’t have any documentation, other than the course grades on paper. But I still want to use this space to remember that humble beginning of my path as a digital creator and developer.

I wrote HTML and CSS, made design elements in Photoshop, and also used Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash (even tried Adobe Go Live). I thought at the time it was a rather tedious and slow process, but still worth it as it was a dizzying realization that a person on the other side of the planet could see my work in an instant, just after uploading the files via FTP. Good times!

I continued making various artist portfolios for me and others, until 2005 when i started During the following years I’ve made sites for several projects, collaborators, and clients. And still do!

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