VR for the Museum of Science & Technology / BankerWessel, Stockholm 2018

Here’s a few of the iterations of interior/space designs I made, in collaboration with BankerWessel, for Game Portal (part of Play Beyond Play), an exhibition about computer/video game history and gaming culture, at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm. In this public version I added some terrain and a few more elements to it.

Originally I built the Virtual Reality versions for the purpose of easing collaborative understanding and making more consensual decisions.

Made with Maya, Cinema 4D, Unity, C#, and HTC Vive.

The audio was made with Elektron Analog Four, Elektron Machinedrum UW, and Ableton Live.

The full exhibition was a collaboration with:

* Ida Wessel, Jonas Banker and Sara Edström at BankerWessel – Concept, Design and Animation
* Sebastian Flavet – Sound
* Transpond – Hardware
* Presentationsdesign – Video Capture
* For the National Museum of Science and Technology, in Stockholm, Sweden

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