June 2, 2018


  • Call +46 739 553 053 any time! Use Signal for end-to-end encryption (You need the free app). Phone is set to silent when busy or sleeping. Premium customers have access to a special number with 24-7-365 response.
  • Email joel[at]joeldittrich.se (replace ‘[at]’ with ‘@‘).
  • Email joel.dittrich[at]protonmail.com (replace ‘[at]’ with ‘@‘). Use ProtonMail for end-to-end encryption (You need a free account).
  • Skype ‘joeldittrich’
  • Based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Berlin, Germany. Available globally!
  • Experimental; meetings in Social Virtual Reality (You need a VR-headset for this option).

*Speaking Swedish (mother tongue), English (fluent) and German (basic).