Samlingen, Stockholm 2012

Samlingen, Stockholm 2012

Audio/visual live performance at Samlingen, Landet, Stockholm 18 oct 2012. This is the full set length recorded, with no editing. Many thanks to Roger Fasterpeace, Johan Östman, Maya Lourenço, Marcus Mohall, Jin Mustafa, Robin Smeds Mattila and all of Samlingen and Landet crew. Unfortunately no audio line in recording, but camera mic only.


Resolume Arena, Ableton Live Suite incl. + Max for Live + NI Komplete + Waves, After Effects, Quartz Composer and Final Cut Pro.


LZX Industries, Doepfer A-100, JoMoX MBase 11, APC40, Launchpad, nanoKontrol, Roland V-4 and other audio/video mixers, adapters and glitch tools.


MacBook Pro 17″ (late 2011), 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 (four cores, eight threads), 8 GB RAM, SSD, AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1 GB VRAM.


Lemur iOS and Korg iMS-20 + hardware controller MS-20iC.