F 1-6, Fotografiska, Stockholm 2012

F 1-6, Fotografiska, Stockholm 2012

With premiere on 29 september turned into a Photographic big dance floor. A musical that odyssée for six nights until april gives you some of the main artists of our time in the house, disco and electronic music.

Fotografiskas first Club ever exhibited familiar faces from Brooklyn, Berlin, New Jersey, Birmingham and Oslo, for six nights and nights from september to april.

Photographic turns into two dance floors with space for up to 1200 persons – with an atomic bomb strong glow of audio-visual setting. The Club, which we decided to baptize to F 1 — 6, becomes at the same time a forum for sound and light art where different artists are given room to interpret the music.

— We want to create an extension of Photographic as an international role model. To become the dance floor as our peers at clubs in London, Berlin and New York inspired by when they themselves arrange celebrations – characterized by the stockholmska mood and atmosphere. We know that many prominent artists love to come to Sweden’s capital — and with F 1 — 6, we want to make this year’s funniest Club, says Mattias Hedlund, one of the organisers, which emphasizes that in addition to three international artists every evening also will be rolled forward a little less, promising Swedish artists.

(F) 1 – 6 is a collaboration between Photographic and Segrén Hedlund Höistad which operates the F12 terrace.