Museum of Science and Technology (BankerWessel), 2018

I had the Technical Director role for; Game Portal (part of Play Beyond Play), an exhibition about computer game history and gaming culture, at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm. Graphic design and animations are made by BankerWessel.

Game Portal has been nominated for best exhibition of the year 2018, by Foreningen Forum (Sweden)!

– Design* of the exhibition space, together with BankerWessel
– Assisted in the animation process
– Assisted in the sound design process
– Selection of projectors, lenses and speakers, incl. positioning them, together with Transpond
– Assisted in project management
– Crafted the projection mapping

*I also built Virtual Reality versions of five exhibition space designs, to ease collaborative understanding and making consensual decisions.

This is a ten (10) projector, eight (8) speaker set up. A mix of short throw onto flat walls, and more regular throw onto three-dimensional objects.

Made with Ida Wessel, Jonas Banker and Sara Edström at BankerWessel – Design and Animation, Sebastian Flavet – Sound, Transpond – Hardware, Presentationsdesign – Video Capture, in collaboration with the National Museum of Science and Technology.

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