Exhibition Iteration in VR for the Museum of Science and Technology, with BankerWessel, 2018

Here’s a few of the iterations of interior/space designs I made, in collaboration with BankerWessel, for Game Portal (part of Play Beyond Play), an exhibition about computer game history and gaming culture, at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm.

But here I added a terrain and a few more elements to it, using the project as a kickstart when preparing workshops for VR Sverige/immersivt.se.

Originally I built the Virtual Reality versions to ease collaborative understanding and making more consensual decisions.

Made with Maya, Cinema 4D, Unity and C#, using HTC Vive.

Audio was made with Elektron Analog Four, Elektron Machinedrum UW and Ableton Live.

The full exhibition was made with:

* Ida Wessel, Jonas Banker and Sara Edström at BankerWessel – Design and Animation
* Sebastian Flavet – Sound
* Transpond – Hardware
* Presentationsdesign – Video Capture
* In collaboration with the National Museum of Science and Technology

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