Live A/V for Elektra in Montreal, 2013

Audio/visual live performance at Elektra festival, Montreal, Canada, 03 May 2013. Curated by Yatra Arts.

White Noise/Black Noise is an audio/visual project where I´m experimenting with intermodal aesthetics, creating audio and visuals side by side and performing live with a hybrid analog/digital set up, relaying heavily on OSC, MIDI and FFT, to control audio and visuals simultaneously.

All work is 100% by me. Tools used in this version and performance:

Resolume Arena, Ableton Live 9 incl. Max for Live + NI Komplete + Waves, After Effects, Quartz Composer, Final Cut Pro, LZX Industries, Doepfer A-100, Jomox Mbase 11, Akai APC40, etc.

Many thanks to Alain Thibault, Praveer Baijal, Yatra Arts, Julia Frainier, Amanda’Mour Ihnatowicz, Nathalie Bachand, Christian Pomerleau, Motoko Allison Chanic, Greg MTL, Frédéric Auger, a great audience and anyone I forgot to mention!

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