Software Developer

C# for Unity in Visual Studio w/ ReSharper.

C++ for Unreal in Visual Studio w/ ReSharper.

Python for TouchDesigner.

Technical Artist

Unity, Houdini w/ Redshift, Blender w/ Octane, Substance, Resolume.

Unreal, Cinema w/ X-Particles, Quixel, After Effects.

TouchDesigner, Spark AR, d3.

Creative Technologist

HoloLens, Vive, Oculus, Azure Kinect, RealSense, laser projection, IoT (lights), handheld AR (phone/tablet), projected AR (projection mapping).

Artificial Intelligence (computer vision), Leap Motion, 3D-scanning.

Associate Professor

Since 2019 I work full-time as Software Developer and Technical Artist, with VR/AR/MR, interactive installations, projection mapping, and related.

2008 – 2018 I was freelancing and teaching 50/50, at universities in Sweden, Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan, USA. Also worked in Canada, France, Italy. I was employed part-time as Associate Professor.

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