Art, Technology & Education

Digital Artist

Main: Unity, Cinema, Octane, Substance, Quixel, Photoshop, After Effects, Trapcode, Premiere, Mettle, Resolume Arena.

Secondary: Unreal, Maya, Blender, Mudbox, Redshift, MadMapper, Skanect, Ableton, Elektron.


Main: C# and PlayMaker for Unity.

Secondary: Java (for IoT and more), Bolt for Unity, C++ and Blueprints for Unreal, TouchDesigner, Python.

VR/AR Technologist

HoloLens, Meta 2, Vive, Vive Trackers, Oculus Rift and Go, Pimax ‘8K’, Gear VR and Cardboard, VR Gluv, Leap Motion, Kinect, Structure Sensor, projectors (DLP, LCD, standard/short throw), other sensors and more.

University Teacher

Lead Teacher at Immersivt aka. VR Sverige, and Teacher/Course Director at Berghs School of Communication. Additionally teaching at 5-15 universities yearly, in Japan, China, Germany, Taiwan, USA and Sweden.